Broken spring

A broken spring is a problem that arises in garage doors. It may be due to various reasons such as poor maintenance, poor adjustment or even wear and tear over time. However, when it breaks, it’s not an issue that would go unnoticed. The noise itself is enough but at times, the door refuses to move at all. It is important to identify what sort of spring system you have. Is it the Torsion or the Extension springs?

So what should you do when the spring breaks? Usually when the spring breaks the door is already down. It is possible that this happens during a motion or when the garage is up but eventually it will come down. In such a scenario, it is advised that you do not attempt to operate the door in any case and call South Miami Heights, FL broken spring repair professionals for immediate help.

The next question is the cost. Most of our customers would have that question in mind while they inquire about the repairing procedure of their broken springs. So before you contact the professionals, make sure you have the details for us to make an estimate. You should note down the size of your door, the weight and the type of the springs as I mentioned above. It is to be noted that this would only give us an estimate. As we carry various types of springs, it is advised that you let our professionals at garage door repair South Miami Heights Florida takes the exact measurements so we can quote the best price there is.

Before you think of repairing anything else, get your broken spring repaired as it can also be dangerous for bystanders!

With our help and support, you can relax because you would be getting the best of service, second to none. Our technicians are professionals who have gone through background checks.